Thought I would share photos of a quilt I made a couple of years ago for a friends baby. This was my first attempt at Free-motion machine embroidery.

I had loads of fun with this one!


Work! Work! Work!

So I know I havnt put in my tuppence worth for an age, but I have been otherwise indisposed with my day job and such stuff!

However, I have had today off unexpectedly and have taken the opportunity to work on the project wall πŸ˜„

Feeling pleased with how it is coming along (albeit slowly) but never mind, even the smallest step forward is better than nothing.

Still a far cry from finished. Like a good book however, I’m going to miss it when it’s not on the wall anymore.

Hey! Ho! Back to work I go!


Sew happy!

At last! The fabric to finish Grace’s quilt has arrived. Phew!

Feels like I’ve been waiting forever 😝 as soon as the kids are in bed tonight these babies are getting cut up and sewn on!

I am so excited to see this piece finished as I am planning on entering a quilting competition in November. Can’t wait!


The waiting game!

Thought I would share with you the mini quilt I have started, using all my scraps of fabric from previous projects.

This has come about through the pure frustration of not having the fabric needed to continue with the design wall project πŸ˜–

But not to worry! Fabric is en route and should be delivered this week, phew!

Design wall!

I have been feeling secretly frustrated with sharing my ‘work’ table with the family, as every time we need to eat, the whole project needs to be packed away first. My solution to the problem? A design wall! I can easily pin and unpin my project pieces when needed and it is up out of little fingers way! Why oh why did I not do this years ago?! Β Lesson learned ha!